The Genuine is Best website is an initiative of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). The FCAI is the car industry’s peak organisation representing the manufacturers and importers of passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles in Australia.

The number of importers is in the dozens, there are thousands of related component manufacturers and with three manufacturers producing vehicles locally the automotive sector is one of the country’s largest industries. The Australian automotive market is also highly competitive, with 67 brands selling more than 350 models.

The FCAI believes the use of genuine parts is essential in maintaining the high standard of safety and quality that came guaranteed with your car when it was new. Only genuine parts are tested as an integral component of your car by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Non-genuine parts can’t necessarily promise the same quality and safety that comes with a genuine part.

The car plays a large role in Australian culture and using genuine parts in repairs and services means cars are fitter for every circumstance, whether it’s a commute, a family trip away, or in the event of a collision.

Here to help

If your vehicle has been repaired and you feel the work was not of a high quality – by the way the car looks, drives or operates – raise these issues with your insurer and repairer immediately.

If you feel that your concerns are still not being addressed, refer the matter to your state’s fair trading or consumer affairs department. You can also speak to your state’s traders’ association or contact an independent vehicle assessor who can provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your vehicle.