$10.2M Counterfeit Car Parts Seized

Over AUD$10 million in counterfeit vehicle parts have been seized in the United Arab Emirates this year to date for just one automotive brand. Representing solely […]

Click Cautiously or Cop a Counterfeit

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries is urging Australians to click cautiously following the release of research showing up to 60 per cent of online search […]

The 500km/h Proving Ground

Proving grounds; elaborate top-secret test sites where vehicle makers test the mettle of their metal. In a secret pocket of Germany, there is a proving ground […]
counterfeit spark plugs

Counterfeit Alert: Fake Spark Plugs

The automotive industry is issuing an urgent alert on counterfeit parts after large batches of spark plugs purchased online have been confirmed as fake. Placing vehicles […]