Filtering, white striping, lane sharing, splitting.


Whatever you call it, there is no question that calmly threading through stationary traffic is one of the best parts about riding a motorcycle.


Now legal in most states and territories (with caveats around safe speeds, parked cars and other circumstances), riders can be seen commuting between cars at traffic lights nationwide.


Lane Splitting, or riding between cars above the prescribed filtering speed limit; generally 30km/h, is still illegal and dangerous. 


On filtering, it seems like Australia is leading the way for a practice that makes a lot of sense. Other than removing the obstacle of traffic for riders and easing overall congestion, lane filtering can improve rider safety and visibility.


It isn’t always smooth sailing, though. While the riding community is quick to spread the word, lane filtering’s legality has not made it to all drivers. Some still take offense to what they see as queue jumping.


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Does lane filtering get you riding more? Did it encourage you to try motorcycles of scooters for the first time? What is your experience with this time saving traffic tamer?


Original image credit: Roland Dobbins

Published on: 22 October 2018