Are you a passionate motorcycle rider? Are you tired of paying high registration costs?  Fed up with the lack of motorcycle and scooter parking available?  Just generally sick of authorities ignoring the environmental and health benefits of riding on two wheels?

Would you like to do something to make a difference for riders in your local area?

Well you can!  Below is a template for a letter you can write to your local Member of Parliament. You can personalise it by filling in the fields as outlined below.

To locate your local member, follow this link to the Australian Parliament House portal Once you’ve figured out who to talk to, insert their details (and yours) in the template, and send it off.

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Print the image below or copy paste the text at the bottom of the article to send an email. Let’s use the power of our combined voices to make sure motorcyclists and scooter riders are heard in our community!

ride to work week 2020




My name is __________
I am your constituent, I am a rider, and I value the many benefits of using a two-wheeled vehicle as my principle form of transport.
My hope is that by writing this letter, my interests as a rider and the value of motorcycles and scooters are better recognised and represented in this electorate.
Motorcycles and scooters offer an effective transport option to restart the economy as we ride out the pandemic. With public transport systems susceptible to contagion risk, personal transport has become the go-to option for many commuters.
In this scenario, motorcycles and scooters are the best option as they have many benefits.
They limit traffic congestion. They get people to work more quickly and efficiently and take significantly less space to park. They emit fewer emissions and allow riders to easily comply with COVID-19 regulations, like social distancing, without sacrificing mobility.
Bikes are low impact on the road network. They can deliver genuine benefits to community health. Riding is empirically proven to decrease stress, improve alertness and encourage positive mental health. SOURCE.
However, riders are being let down.
Motorcycle parking is insufficient. I pay the same rate as a car to park, despite taking up one fifth of the space. I pay the same tolls as a car despite weighing and emitting significantly less. I pay disproportionately high rates for registration, and rider licensing is an expensive and lengthy process.
I hope that at the next available opportunity, you consider this letter and advocate for the many advantages of motorcycles and scooters.
As a first step, the allocation of more public motorcycle and scooter parking would be a meaningful gesture. This is an area in which our electorate is sorely lacking. I look forward to your response.
Published on: 22 September 2020