The Nod

Forgotten foible, or sadly missed secret shake?


Sharing a nod with a passing rider. It’s a moment only riders know. It conveys a bond for a shared passion, a mutual understanding of life only understood behind motorcycle bars. A membership to a mysterious club other road users cannot join.


Sadly, it seems the nod is in decline. It may be that a new generations of riders have joined the fold without knowing, or that the niches of the riding community have become more tribal. 


Whatever the reason, the nod is at risk of being forgotten. It is too unique a gesture to be lost to time.


Ride to Work Week 22-26 October gives us as riders an opportunity to bring back the nod. For five days, there will be more bikes on the road than any other week of the year.


The rider’s nod carries with it a strict etiquette. Like an uncertain dress code, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.


Simply put; Nod first, nod once and nod with meaning. If the other riders beat you to the punch, always nod back.


Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week is less than a week away! Get your nods down pat and sure your bike is tuned and ready for a big week of commuting.


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Published on: 16 October 2018