Motorcyclists are used to rock star parking, but are things changing?


A major attraction to riding is being pretty certain wherever you’re going, you can probably park out the front.


In Australia’s major cities, parking problems are par for the course. Parking is at such a premium, even motorcyclists are struggling to find a spot to back their wheel to the curb.


In Sydney and Melbourne particularly, motorcycle parking seems to be getting scarce, and not just during Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Week. Year round, riders are lapping city blocks, looking for a welcoming gap of tarmac.


motorcycle parking


Did your ride to work see you circling the city for a parking opportunity?


Get in touch with your local council and explain to them why motorcyclists deserve better access to parking. We really don’t need much room!


Riding can ease congestion, reduce emissions and reduce impact on road infrastructure. It also makes riders happy, improving cognitive performance and reducing stress.


Not sure who to write to? Don’t worry – below is an index of every local council and their contact details.


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Published on: 25 October 2018