Riding makes you happy. We aren’t just saying that, people much smarter than us have proven it.


Riding as part of your daily routine improves cognition and stimulates activity in the prefrontal cortex. That means better concentration, memory, problem solving, comprehension, impulse control and creativity.


We also asked you. 99% of almost 1000 surveyed said riding put a smile on their dial, and we suspect the 1% were just trolling. Who could be unhappy on a bike!

Toby Price said it better than we could.


“There is always a big grin hidden under my helmet when I am riding or racing. Riding cuts congestion and commute times and makes parking easy, but it also makes you happy," said Toby.

“In a world of constant distractions, motorcycles demand total focus. Riding clears your mind, cuts stress and gives you back control of your day.”


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Published on: 23 October 2018